Why do I need a copywriter?

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January 5, 2013



What Can an Oil Field Services Copywriter Do for Me?


Oil field services companies have more challenges than we can list here. From drilling, tripping, replacing parts and repairing, keeping a crew, staying within budget, shipping parts like valves, bits, bolts, and tools, to transporting rigs and oil or gas … the list is endless.Oil production increases with great marketing

And whether you are the driller, or the consultant, or the guy who supplies the parts or the rigs, you all have something in common.

You need clients, customers, buyers.  You need to sell what you offer, and you need cash flow.

That comes through relationship marketing.

Now…I’m not talking about the touchy feely stuff. I’m talking about the kind of business contacts that become spenders. That contribute to your cash flow and your bottomline.

Marketing can be as big as a Superbowl ad on TV, or as simple as the message on your website and the communication between you and your prospective customers.

Either way, no matter how big or small your business is, it still relies on loyal customers. And loyal customers pivot on doing business with those they know, like, … and trust.

Now how do you get those loyal business relationships going?  Where do you start?

With all you have to tend to, you sure don’t need to add this to yet another list for the day.  That’s what delegating is for.

You delegate it to a certified SEO oil field copywriter who’s providing ongoing, improved website message development, interaction with your target audience, and relationship building that keeps your target prospects watching you for more, and remembering you when they need what you provide.

Competition in this industry is daunting unless your prospective customers have their eye on you, seeing how you do things and why you do them …and ultimately preferring your business savvy over the load of others they find on the internet.

This comes through the message they find on your website, as well as the communications they receive from you when they choose to read your emails.

It all starts with a professional and informative website that’s user friendly.  After all, your customers shouldn’t need a IT degree to navigate your site.  They just need to easily see what you offer and how to get it.

They need to get to know you, which happens as they receive notes and memos written by a professional oil field copywriter whose expertise is expressed in consistent solution- driven communication, with the focus on your reader’s needs.

Little by little, they read these emails and realize the value your business is contributing to them generously, and they begin to like you. They look forward to these notes… these ideas and solutions.

Your name becomes a common thought to them…and they may not even remember when they first heard of you.

But as soon as they have a problem that they KNOW you can solve, they call you.  They hire you.  And they know they can trust you.

That’s what an oil field services copywriter does for you.  By building your image, and strengthening your leads into relationships, she’s helped you raise your profits, free up more cash, and raise your bottomline.

Let’s talk. It will change everything.



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