What’s your message?

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shutterstock_99457688What is your message to your prospects?

You serve the oil field services industry. You may build and tear down rigs, you may transport equipment, you may be a drilling company…or you may provide parts and supplies to those in the field. Whatever  you offer, you have a message that needs to be heard.

Who needs to hear it?  Your prospects.

How are they supposed to hear it?  By any means possible.

But what is the message?  Or better said, what should it be?

Your message to your oil field services prospects should be this:  How YOU can make their job easier, faster, simpler, less work. How you can improve their job.

So think about what you’re saying on your business cards, when you meet for lunch, or on your website.

Is your message about who you are?  About your equipment?  (Do they honestly care about your equipment? )

What they need to know is how your equipment makes their job easier.  How your services make their job less troublesome. How your parts or supplies improve their job.

That’s your focus.

When your prospect is reading your promotion, they’re always, always asking themselves, “What’s in this for me???”   If they can’t see it, they’ll turn the page. Click to a new website.  Toss out the business card.

So take a minute now, and look at your promotions, your advertising, your marketing, your website.

How does your message measure up?

Does it need to be improved?  Is it you-centered, or prospect-centered?

Put your marketing money to better use.  Make sure your giving them what they want.

If you need help, email me. I’m YOU-centered.



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