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How much good can a web audit or SEO optimized website do? 

 Read what these people have to say …



“I love the website you did for me. It’s clean but beautiful, professional, with just the right feel, and no BS. Thanks for a great job.”

Joel Thomas, President, CEO, Advantis Management Solutions


“Prior to working with Cyndee, my website appeared on pages 30-40 of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Cyndee’s solid advice has resulted in the website now appearing on the 1st to 2nd page of search results for my location and areas of expertise. In addition, her assistance in refining content and layout has made it a much cleaner, crisper and more appealing and inviting site (especially given the limitations of the template).
The outcome of her work is that my practice has grown by 35% in less than 4 months, an evidence based testament to her knowledge and expertise. Cyndee’s approach was collaborative, warm, insightful, and intelligent. In addition, she was easily accessible and available when needed.

The investment more than paid for itself in 2 weeks alone. “

David O. Saenz, PhD, EdM, LLC
Consulting Psychologist


It feels as if Cyndee has become my personal adviser and that when all is said and done, my site will be a whole site better than it was before. I am grateful.

Dov Vinograd PhD, Psychotherapist


Cyndee’s support and guidance in redesigning my website has been invaluable. With her guidance, I was able to increase the traffic to my website, which is no easy feat these days. Not only is she wise and knowledgeable in her field, but she is kind and empathic, which is very important to overwhelmed newbee website owners. She’ll “hold your hand” and “walk you through” the process, with very little pain! I highly recommend her services.

Julie M. Simon, MA, MBA, MFT


“Ms. Davis’ commentary on my website gave me ample food for thought. As a novice in blogging and web sites I found the whole process to be intimidating and a tad overwhelming. Her concise advice was warm, inviting and useful in optimizing my web sites place in Google. Her approach celebrated with me all that was right in my original incarnation and pointers to improve areas of concern. I have no reservations in utilizing her professional service to increase business and make my site more user friendly. “

William B. Hazel, LCSW, LADC– Onlinehelp.pro


“Cyndee, it has it all. It is heart wrenching, touches the very soul of one’s being, very graphic without pictures. Absolutely makes me cry that we have never had anything so effective go out in all of the time I have… worked with this ministry.”

Wanda Ragsdale–Paul Matsangaise Evangelistic Ministries, Inc.


“Cyndee, your package was well-written. Well done!!”

Gary Chappell–Nightingale-Conant


“Hey Cyndee…a very well written email. Thanks again!!”

Jay White–Author, Auto-Responder Apprentice


“Cyndee, the website’s fantastic.”

Mike King–Mini Sales Prefab Metal Buildings


“Merrisa’s enthusiasm is contagious. She is creative and unique, and at her core, is a person who genuinely cares about the well-being of others. Any company lucky enough to have her on their team will benefit from her ingenuity and ability to ‘think outside of the box,’ and customers/clients will be instantly aware of her interpersonal skills and strong, service-oriented work ethic. “

Anne Bayerkohler–Owner, Pine Park Properties


“Cyndee is truly an amazing individual…genuine to the core…energetic…pleasant…concerned with the welfare of others…always willing to give…the very best she has to give.”

Tim Sims–Citibank


“Working with Jeremy is a pleasure. His writing capabilities are a mix of creativity, patience and quality in terms of service. He is energetic and quick to please. A great experience.”

Angela Warren–Peden Rehabilitation Unit


“I have known Cyndee for years and … her integrity, hard work ethic and sense of service to others. She is wonderful to work with.”

Susan Chaboud–Corcoran School of Art and Design


“Professional and thorough, Merrisa is uniquely talented when it comes to getting the attention of potential customers. Her insight into what speaks to the average joe is just what the doctor ordered!”

Benjamin Lewis–Biologist

“Merrisa is fast and to the point. I highly recommend her, and I will use her again for my company’s needs as they come up. “
Bevin McIlvane–Fruit Fly Party Planners


“Working with Merrisa has been a … pleasure and look forward to future business ventures with her …”

Mike Colvard–Weatherford




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