Spring Cleaning

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bright yellow valveSpring is finally here, and that means it’s time to look at transitioning the fleet and equipment to warmer operations. Just like you spring clean your garage or cabin, now is the time to spring clean the equipment and vehicles before mishaps cost you productivity.

The first step is to know what the manufacturers recommend for seasonal changes. Lubricants, tire pressures, fuels and more can all be affected by rising temperatures. Air conditioning units that have been sitting idle all winter are likely to see months of hard running, so getting them serviced now can prevent little issues from becoming big problems that result in downtime.

Instead of packing heaters away for the summer because everyone is ‘too busy’, take the time to get those little irritations that everyone has been nursing all winter serviced so an early cold snap doesn’t impact your productivity. Then update the records everyone knows which units are ready to go.  When the competition is backed up trying to get their heater problems fixed next winter your crews will be on the job.

Without well trained and capable operators, all that equipment is just a bunch of capital sitting in the yard. Make sure your supply rooms and crews have summer weight safety equipment, including appropriate gloves, headgear, and coveralls. Wearing winter weight gear as the temperatures increase can lead to heat injuries, so make sure your people are using the right equipment for the job.

Supervisors should ensure that safety meeting topics cover changing environmental conditions, whether they be increasing temperatures or thunderstorms and tornadoes. Every worker is responsible for being aware of how to deal with hazards on the site, and supervisors and safety advisors should be ready to answer questions with up to date references to back up their experience.

Encouraging a proactive mindset will save money and send the right message to the crews that you have their backs so they can focus on the job.

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