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wife child familyWhy do we do it?


What’s the hardest thing you ever had to do? We all have our own stories. For some of us, it might have been putting a pet to sleep to end its suffering. For others, maybe it was leaving a child on a college campus for the first time…. or leaving your toddler at daycare for the first time.

I have a friend who sells valves for the oil patch, and does really well at it. But he married later in life, and at the age of 51 he had his first experience dropping off his toddler son at daycare. Just about brought him to his knees and an early retirement!

Some of us have had to bury a son or daughter … a parent or a spouse. Now those are some seriously tough times.

Life has its tough days, but they aren’t all tough. There are also days when the stock market shoots through the roof. Days when your child is born, or graduates from college. Days of pride and joy. Days of reward.

Sometimes we get so bogged down in the day to day stressors… how much farther down to find oil…? How much more of this rain can we stand? What if we break another bit?

Long story short it’s the people at home we do this for. It’s the hope for the future, the opportunities for us and our families. The hope of finding someone to build a family with.
It’s not because we love the mud or the heat or the cold or the hard grueling work. It’s because of hope.

Well, that’s also why we market our businesses. It’s not because we like to think about websites or brochures. And we sure don’t like to let go of the money to do it. It’s because of the people at home we care about that will have more opportunities because our companies make profit through more work, more clients, more revenues.

We market because of hope.

Let’s build it together.


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