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Use Mobile Device Marketing to Get Your Business

into Their Hands

Marketing your oil field services company can be done from TV ads, Google ads, billboards on the side of the road…  there are plentyResponsive web design for hand-held devices of ways available.  But what is the most effective way to market your OFS company?

Nelsonwire says that about 50% of mobile subscribers in the US have smartphones. Now that’s 50% of everyone from age 13 and up. According to their report, smart phones dominate the market in new phone purchases. In fact, two-thirds of new phone purchases in the three months leading up to their report, were smart phones.

Now, if 66% of all cell phone purchases of people from age 13 to 110 were smart phones, what percentage of owners and managers in the oil field services industry buy smart phones, do you think?  Just a guess.

It’s safe to say that it’s a pretty big piece of the crowd. And why? Because they can be in touch with their families when their away for extended periods…that’s true. But just as pressing is the instant availability of the web, to solve problems on the rig, to repair breakdowns, to find much needed parts fast.

Because time is money.

So the best place for you to be found to display your products and services to the oil field industry?  That’s right.

You gotta be on the web and quick and easy to find on a smart phone.

At O’Cavan we build your web presence strong and clean.  And easy to find.

So when they need you, they can find you.  Yesterday.


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