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How Do You Compete in Today’s Oil Field Services Market?


When anyone in this industry needs what you provide, they go to their mobile device to find it.

Make sure your website is the one they see first. Here’s how:

By building your web-based marketing program from your mobile device, up.

Start with a website that’s custom suited to your oil field prospect’s needs … and … that displays easily on his smart phone or ipad. From there, provide services and applications that suit his needs – then make sure he sees it as soon as he googles.

There is nothing in the current global business arena as vital or more powerful than web presence.  If you have poor web presence, or no web presence at all, you’re leaving money on the table for someone else to claim.

Don’t waste valuable time and money avoiding this issue.  If you’re missing a strong foothold in the oil field services marketplace on the web, stick your foot in the proverbial door!  Get a strong mobile based website online and fast.

Make sure you’re there when he looks for you, and show him how you can make his job easier.

Next, begin a relationship through phone calls or emails and develop that relationship until you’re on his ‘good ol’ boy’ list.

Who do you think he’s gonna call when he needs help?


People have been exploring and drilling for oil a long, long time. But the way they do business has come light years since the the early days…

There’s no getting around the 21st century business environment. To compete, you gotta have a great mobile responsive website.

So let’s fix it.

Website Construction, Design and SEO Optimization

Need to start from scratch?  Great.

We’ll build you a beautiful, up to the minute mobile responsive website filled with information about your business and services, potent, persuasive content that draws in readers and compels them to act, as well as general information that benefits everyone in the industry.  The more traffic to your website the better.  The more those visitors are compelled to act and shoot you an email or phone you, the better your revenues.

But first, it isn’t enough to build a website with good persuasive content, and here’s why. There are over a trillion websites on the internet.  Did you know that?  If we build that website and toss it in the ring, how will anyone find it?

I’ll tell you how.  Through Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. The search engines scan every website that’s on the internet and looks for rich, relevant content pertaining to a given subject. How does it know the given subject? By the carefully researched key phrases we use when we write the content.

Through our research and strategic use of these phrases, the search engines are able to identify and index the subject matter, then list it in the search engine results based on the freshness, relevance, and quality of the content.

So when a toolpusher or supervisor googles the service or item they need, google responds with a list of businesses that provide it.  Our goal is to get you as close to the top of that list as we can.

Sound smart?  It works!

Let’s do this!

Press Releases

Every time you business does something special that affects your clients or prospective clients, send out a press release! Press releases are delivered to the search engines, to RSS feeds, to news outlets, and most likely any publication you care about. This is a great way to get the attention of your prospects and drive readers back to your website to see your services and your accomplishments … and find out what you can do for them!

Building relationships with other businesses 

Auto-responders and emails are useful for maintaining contact with those who visit your website.

Now you tell me…do you have time to be calling the people around the world who stop and look at your website to build a relationship with them?

Of course you don’t.

However, we’ll get you set up so that the computer will automatically put their names on a list if they show enough interest to request a special report we’ll have available on your website.  If they do, then they’ll start getting easy going, conversational emails from you, encouraging them to let you send them a note every few days for awhile.

Those notes won’t be advertisements, but rather interesting bits of information they’ll like.  They’re short and enjoyable to read. And after they receive a few, they’ll begin to get acquainted with you and the way you do business.  You’ll become familiar to them. Without realizing it, they’ll begin to feel like they know you, like you, and maybe even trust you a bit.

Then, something breaks down, and they need help now.  Who do they call?  The guy they’ve been hearing from ….  of course!

And you didn’t do a thing to make it happen.

You focus on running your business, and we’ll focus on your business relationship – building.

And there’s more!

Manuals for safety or whatever you need. We’re your in-house writers, taking care of all your business writing needs to keep your processes informed, safe, and backed up with documentation. Tell us what you need. We’re here to get it done.

Now that’s the way to do business in the 21st century!

*We’ll also provide your brochures, business cards, logo development, letterheads, shirts with logos, and anything else you can think of…just send me an email or call and let’s get started!


“The best executive is one who has sense enough to pick good people to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.”
– Theodore Roosevelt




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