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Description: Hydraulic Fracking

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diagram of hydraulic fracking

A Description of Hydraulic Fracturing For the Layman   For those outside the oil field business here’s a brief history of fracturing and how it works. According to The Daily Reckoning, a publication by Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggin, buried beneath the surface of United States soil there are 1.5 trillion barrels of shale oil. [...]

Surprise Equipment for Rig Workers

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Seat Belts are required safety equipment in the oil field

A  Surprising Safety Fix for Rig Workers: Seatbelts   One of the most interesting things about human behavior is that understanding a problem can help you change your behavior so the problem can be eliminated altogether.  This is good news for any business hoping to improve its safety record, especially if there is an area [...]

Drilling Fluids

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fracking in drilling oil

Drilling Fluids Basics   With the current interest in shale drilling it’s important to note that all drilling fluids work differently and are customized based upon the needs of the drilling operation. That’s because shale regions vary in depth, in mineralogy and in temperature. What works just fine in one location might have poor results [...]

Hydrocarbon Exploration

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hydrocarbon exploration

Risky Business: Hydrocarbon Exploration The world over, oil and natural gas are considered hot commodities. Countries go to war for oil field rights, economies are driven by oil and gas prices, and our daily lives are dependent on oil and gas to fuel our machines and get us where we need to go. But for [...]