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O’Cavan Copywriters
We’re a team of copywriters descended from immigrants who came from County Cavan, Ireland. And it’s commonly known thatCyndee Davis Oil Patch Copywriter the Irish have played a mighty role in all sorts of heavy labor jobs in the new world. From mining to building railroads, our ancestors were always front and center.

With the oil boom in the 1930’s and 40’s, once again a work force gathered to build the rigs and drill for the oil. Many a red-headed Irishman dotted those crews covered in black gold.

So, it’s only fitting that it would be “Irish persons” who promote oil drilling services in the 21st century.

Trained by American Writers and Artists, the world’s premier training organization for copywriters, O’Cavan oilpatch copywriters write potent, persuasive content that draws the interest of your prospects and pulls them in to your website to choose your services and products.

Your readers follow the enticements woven through your website and contact you to learn more. Your inquiries increase, your clients increase, and your revenues increase.

In this 21st century business environment, no business can excel without an effective, professional website. Yellow pages are a thing of the past. Inspect most any home or office and you’ll find them holding up a plant, or serving as a doorstop.

Let’s face it, the place to find what you need is the internet, no matter what your industry. And that’s certainly the case with the oil field driling and exploration industry.

I’ve had family in the oil patch from land men to roughnecks to petroleum engineers in upstream and down. I lived with my family in Malaysia when my  husband was on assignment with a major oil company. I love this industry.

  • Need to know how to set up a productive and profitable website for your oil field services company, exploration and drilling company, or oil field supply company? I can do it for you or show you how to do it yourself.
  • Wondering how to draw the interest of more prospective clients or customers?  I’ll show you how to do that, too.
  • If you have a marketing team, but would like to get them trained in SEO best practices and the keys to persuasive writing for your industry, I’m here to help.
  • Most important, if you want to present your business in a more professional and polished light, let’s talk.  I can help you with that and plenty more.
  • Email me now.

Don’t go another day without the marketing your oil field services company deserves. The rewards will be yours.

— Cyndee “O’Cavan” Davis and the O’Cavan Copywriters


We’ve Expanded Our Services and are now International!

Introducing our new team member Scott Jones!Canadian Scott Jones is oil patch copywriter and photographer

Scott has been working in the oil and gas industry in Western Canada
since 2007. That was when he took his years of Occupational Health and
Safety experience to the oil patch and started working on drilling
rigs in Central and Northern Alberta.

After a few years he moved to gas plants in Northern BC, then oil plants
in Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan before returning to drilling projects.

Now he brings that international experience to work for clients at Oil Patch Copywriters.

His in-depth knowledge of the industry makes him the ideal source for
meeting your writing needs. He’s worked as an OHS advisor and provided
technical and content writing to Fortune 100 and Canadian Fortune 25

Like me, Scott has also honed his skills with the exceptional training of
American Writers and Artists across a broad spectrum of disciplines
including social media and web marketing, as well as white papers and
business to business B2B copywriting services.

Whether you need your people trained, a missing role in your outfit
filled while you find someone permanent, or someone more long
term … Scott is our newest Scotch/Irish team member at Oil Patch Copywriters with
the skills and experience to help your business grow to the next level.


Breaking news …  We’re growing!

Christine Butler, copywriter, engineer, research specialist!IMG_2379 copy

We’ve added another new member to our O’Cavan OilPatch Copywriter Team. Meet Christine Butler, professional copywriter, engineer, and research specialist extraordinaire. Also AWAI trained, she has experience in a variety of writing formats including landing pages, web content, blogging, online marketing, social media, white papers, case studies, direct marketing, book editing, and TV video scripts.

As the former director of a technical regulatory group in the telecommunications industry, Chris has deep expertise with technical documents and testimony in a regulated environment. Interfacing with state and federal commissions is a prominent element in her toolbox, and valuable in the oil and gas sector. Her expertise in mathematical and engineering domains adds a highly specialized strength to our team.

Although of Norwegian decent, Chris loves Bailey’s Irish Cream and has played golf on several courses in Ireland!  So on that criteria, we happily certified her as an honorary Irish lass and worthy of joining the O’Cavan Team. She even has reddish hair and freckles so she’ll fit right in. Does that make her new name O’Butler?? … I like it!

We welcome Chris to the Oil Patch Team and look forward to her valuable contributions in helping our clients grow their businesses to higher and higher levels.


Contact us today and let us partner with you to expand your productivity and SKYROCKET your revenues!





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