There is no place like the oil patch.

oil field executive needs marketing

No other place on earth.

The danger, the exhilaration, the bone jarring work.

The heat.

The cold.

The mud.

And there’s a camaraderie among roughnecks everywhere you go.

No one knows what it’s like out there.  No one but you.

Whether you work in the patch, or supply the patch, or have a patch of your own, you know what we’re talking about. When you need a valve, a bit, a truck, or a firefighter, you need it yesterday. Productivity is key, no interruptions allowed.

Our job is to connect you to the people you need and connect them to you. To get the ones who need what you do to your doorstep.

We’re Cyndee Davis, Scott Jones, and Chris Butler, and we’re your oil field copywriters. We write persuasive content to get your name out there, so they know you and how to find you. To build your revenues for your products and services, and to keep production online and unhindered.

You need manuals to keep your crew informed and working safely, letters, landing pages, brochures, white papers, case studies … We’ll take care of that for you, too. You keep your mind on your business, and we’ll take care of the marketing, the training publications, the stuff that needs to be done but is a distraction to you.

The fact is, people need what you’re doing, and you need what they’re doing.

Directional drilling, rotary steering systems (RSS), measurement-while-drilling (MWD) information, it’s all part of increasing your revenues. And someone needs to get the word out. That’s where your oilpatch copywriter comes in.

Take off your hard hat, kick off your boots, and come inside. We’ll show you around.

You’ll find articles about marketing your services, articles about some problems you run into and how someone resolved them, and other things that you’ll find helpful. If you’d like to talk about building a better website for your company, or creating landing pages and brochures for your latest product, get in touch with me here.

We’ll get you fixed up.

Contact us now.



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